Our Team

We believe in quality over quantity.
Haleeq UsmanCo-Founder and CEO

Haleeq Usman

Co-Founder and CEO

Haleeq started programming when he was 9 years old. His first program was a memory scanner. This led him to various other topics in computer science. He is a contributor to the open source community and has contributed to the PHP programming language. He is a highly experienced software and infrastructure architect and has architected several enterprise solutions. He has developed several virtual classrooms for the Research Foundation, City University of New York, and a course management system for Hunter College. He is passionate about technology and education and is a leader in his industry. He has led various engineering teams to success, including teams at Hearst Magazines and Adobe.

Ola MuseCo-Founder

Ola Muse


Ola is an Engineering Leader, who has lead engineering teams at Dell, Expedia, Microsoft and Adobe Respectively. The passion for learning and scaling how people learn in the 21st century was the Impetus for Ola partnering with Haleeq on the creation of neetos platform.